PVC Coated Galvanize Welded Wire Mesh

PVC Coated Galvanize Welded Wire Mesh

Item description:

Offer sizzling dipped galvanized welded wire mesh, it can be divided into scorching dipped galvanized just before welding and hot dipped galvanized soon after welding. This sort of welded wire mesh is produced with simple steel wire welded together in square opening, then going through the scorching dipped zinc coating process. 

Appropriate item for constructing animal cages, enclosure performs, fabricating of wire containers and baskets, grills, partitions, equipment defense fences, gratings and other design purposes. 

Scorching dipped zinc coated welded wire mesh is made in accordance to English CZPT normally in regard to the production and zinc coating. The completed welded mesh supply flat and uniform surface area, company construction, very good integrity. It provides the most outstanding anti-corrosion resistance amid all the steel wire mesh items It is also the most flexible wire mesh due to its extensive application in different fields. 

It is very common in breeding business: Can be manufactured into numerous animal cages or fences for breeding with its exceptional anti-corrosion house. The zinc coating provides a sort of decorative outlook with its flat area. 
With first-course anti-corrosion home, it is commonly used in mine sieving industries as sieving monitor. The low carbon steel wire for producing of very hot-dipped welded wire mesh delivers versatility that can be created in numerous additional fabrication apps.

Specification Record of Welded Wire Mesh:
Opening Wire Diameter
In inch In metric device(mm)
1/4″ x 1/four” 6.4mm x 6.4mm 22, 23, 24
three/8″ x 3/8″ 10.6mm x ten.6mm 19, 20, 21, 22
1/2″ x one/two” twelve.7mm x 12.7mm sixteen, 17, 18, 19, twenty, 21, 22, 23
5/8″ x 5/8″ 16mm x 16mm eighteen, 19, twenty, 21,
three/four” x 3/four” 19.1mm x 19.1mm sixteen, seventeen, 18, 19, 20, 21
1″ x 1/two” twenty five.4mm x twelve.7mm sixteen, 17, eighteen, 19, 20, 21
1-one/2″ x 1-1/two” 38mm x 38mm 14, 15, sixteen, 17, 18, 19
1″ x 2″ twenty five.4mm x fifty.8mm 14, 15, sixteen
2″ x 2″ 50.8mm x 50.8mm 12, thirteen, 14, fifteen, sixteen
CZPT Note:
one. CZPT roll size: 30m width: .5m to 1.8m
two. Special measurements CZPT at request
3. Packing: in waterproof paper in rolls. CZPT packing CZPT at ask for.
Galvanized Fencing Mesh:
Opening Wire Diameter
In inch In metric unit(mm)
two” x three” 50mm x 75mm 2.0mm, 2.5mm, one.65mm
3″ x three” 75mm x 756mm 2.67mm, 2.41mm, two.11mm, one.83mm, 1.65mm
2″ x 4″ 50mm x 100mm 2.11mm, two.5mm
4″ x 4″ 100mm x 100mm 2.0mm, 2.5mm
CZPT Observe:
one. CZPT roll duration: 30m width: .5m to 1.8m
2. Particular sizes CZPT at ask for
3. Packing: in water-proof paper in rolls. CZPT packing CZPT at request.
PVC Coated Welded Mesh:
Opening Wire Diameter
In inch In metric device(mm)
1/2″ x one/2″ 12.7mm x 12.7mm 16, 17, 18, 19, twenty, 21
three/4″ x three/four” 19mm x 19mm sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, 19, 20, 21
1″ x one” 25.4mm x twenty five.4mm fifteen, 16, 17, 18, 19, twenty
CZPT Notice:
one. CZPT roll size: 30m width: .5m to one.2m
2. Particular dimensions CZPT at request
3. Packing: in watertight paper in rolls. CZPT packing CZPT at ask for.


Deal and delivery:

Moister-evidence paper  PVC movie interior PVC film outer moister-proof paper Pallet packing as client request

Manufacturing facility

Organization info

ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis.a Wire Web Weaving Co. LTD was established in 1991, with a expert elite staff, specialised in advancement and generation. We have our own factory with location of 72,000 square meters, found in Anpin which is China “hometown of wire mesh”, and manufacturing unit area of 70,000 sq. meters in HangCZPT, we have robust production ability and standard management, National Product Quality Inspection Sign-up Certification and CZPT CE & RoHS high quality certification, SGS certificate and so forth. All our merchandise are primarily based on CZPT:2008 and ISO14001 normal. 


PVC Coated Galvanize Welded Wire Mesh