XinLan Transmission is a manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing industrial chains. Specializing in the production of conveyor chains, transmission chains, etc., the products are exported to all over the world, and have established good cooperative relations with some key customers in related industries.

was founded in

2001 year

Land area

60,000 square meters

Number of employees

300 people

Since 2001



XinLan Transmission Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial chains, specializing in the production of conveyor chains, transmission chains, and drag chains. The products are sold all over the world. We know the chain industry very well and have gained a lot of valuable experience. Therefore, from the design to the selection of materials, to the production process, we have high standards and competitive prices. In addition, we carry out strict quality control on each batch of goods, from material control to the final size, hardness, and tensile test, all records are made. Each batch of goods has an independent detailed quality inspection report and sealed samples. We welcome inquiries, please remember that we are experts in providing solutions for chains in industries such as mining, sugar, palm oil, wood, cement, automation, and automobile manufacturing. What we pursue is not a relationship between buying and selling, but a long-term and stable strategic partnership. Please choose us and you will be satisfied.

Conveyor chain

Used in metallurgy, mining, belt box conveyors, sewage treatment plants, canning production lines, paving machines, excavators…

Drive chain

Used in automatic production lines, transmission belts, mixers, excavators, wood processing, textile machinery, dryers, food…

Roller chain

Used in household, industrial and agricultural machinery, including conveyors, plotters, printing presses, automobiles, motorcycles…


What is the pintle chain? //

Pintle chain is a type of chain drive, in which the links are held together by metal pins which maintain the rigidity of the sidebar link along with retaining themselves in the links. It comprises a series of links sufficient in number to make it long as the desired length. They are used to transmit mechanical power from one place to another. 

Pintle chain characteristics

The chain consists of a series of identical links each comprising sidebars and a cylindrical barrel. The sidebars are flared in an outward direction to give a space between the flattened end portions and bars. The links are connected by pins having D-shape cross-section which extend through an aligned opening in the respective tubular portions. 


Pintle Chain application //

The pintle chain offers excellent performance, strength and durability. They are best suited for increased efficiency, long duration and smooth operation. These chains are therefore commonly used in agricultural applications, sand spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, salt spreaders, conveyors, feed harvesters, bagging machines, live bottom trailers and more.

Roller chain

Roller chain is a type of chain drive used to transmit mechanical power. It is widely used in household, industrial and agricultural machinery, including conveyors, plotters, printing presses, automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles. It consists of a series of short cylindrical rollers linked together, driven by a gear called a sprocket, and is a simple, reliable, and efficient power transfer device.

Scraper chain

Scraper chain is a very common chain, many industrial and agricultural machinery will use scraper chain as a transmission chain. Scraper chain chain section generally adopts alloy steel for all heat treatment, but also can choose the surface carburizing treatment, improve the wear resistance of the chain. Die forging scraper chain applicable scope: buried scraper conveyor, die forging chain is suitable for food machinery, mining machinery, steel mills, power plants and other professions.

Forging chain

Forging chain is formed by die forging, with drilling, milling and other mechanical processing chain rod, and then connected with the pin. Forged chain has the advantages of simple structure, reliable use, strong adaptability to materials, and the cross-section of the chain rod can be designed with equal strength, so under the same strength and the same pitch, the weight of forged chain is lighter than other types of chains. Forged chain pitch from 101.6mm-200mm several different lengths…


Application field //


Food Industry

Chains used in the food industry are widely used in various food processing machinery, such as meat production lines, noodle making machinery, sugar making machinery, seaweed processing equipment, melon seed processing equipment, sausage processing equipment, dairy filling equipment, ice cream production equipment, etc.


Agricultural Machinery Industry

Chains used in the agricultural machinery industry are used in rice, wheat, corn, cotton and other agricultural machinery to provide driving and conveying functions to realize the mechanized operation of the entire agricultural production process from plowing, sowing to harvesting. It is mainly used in rice machinery, corn machinery, and cotton. Machinery, silage machinery and other agricultural machinery and equipment.


Escalator Industry

Escalator chains are used in escalators and moving walk systems to transmit power and transport passengers. Escalator chains are widely used in subways, high-speed railways, airports, high-end shopping malls, supermarkets and other places along with escalators and other facilities, including various drive chains, escalator step chains, and moving walkway pedal chains.


Core competence

XinLan Drive has built a first-class modern chain drive testing organization and capability for the purpose of meeting customer needs and product realization (chain drive application, research and development, manufacturing).

Testing ability

The main testing and test items carried out by the company are: testing of the physical and chemical properties of various chain transmission raw materials and parts; testing of tensile strength, chain length accuracy, pressing force of various products, chain wear test, and fatigue test , Part of the type test; verification and calibration of various measuring instruments. Through these inspections and tests, it is ensured that the quality of product manufacturing is stable and consistent.

R & D system

The company has a variety of scientific and technological personnel of more than 300 people, including 150 senior titles, to provide a strong guarantee for high-quality products. Constantly develop and apply new technology, new process, new materials, develop all kinds of high technical content, with independent intellectual property rights of high-performance chain drive products, so that the company’s technology and research and development level in the forefront of the industry.


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How to prevent the slack of the chain?

Our chain will become loose or even disconnected after long-term use and excessive wear. How should we prevent such problems? First of all, in order to prevent the wear and disconnection of the chain, we should improve the tension of the chain. In order to reduce its wear and tightness, we can choose a chain with better quality, which can improve the machining accuracy of the gear and the hardness of the working surface. When we install the chain, we should install it in parallel with the chain axis and calibrate it correctly…

How to oil the chain?

1. Only oil the chain, do not oil anywhere in other cars, remember! Extremely erroneous car destruction behavior-spraying oil into the hub and spraying oil into the bottom bracket. To paraphrase a fashionable phrase, the above actions are all human tragedies. 2 Do not spray on the tires, do not get the wd40 and spray it indiscriminately, use a rag to stop the chain under the chain, and apply oil to the chain. 3 The realm of advanced oiling: “Dry to wet chain”. What does that mean? …

The cleaning and maintenance of the chain need attention?
Regarding the cleaning of the chain, the first question is naturally when the chain needs to be cleaned. My personal idea is that every few months or every time the chain comes into contact with sea water/snow, or there is obvious oil stains on the chain, it needs to be cleaned in time. If the chain is stained with seawater, if it is not cleaned with gasoline in time, it will still break after two or three days. This is because the salt contained in the seawater and snow melting agent will significantly increase the electrochemical corrosion of the chain, so in time…

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