Low Speed Automatic Aluminum Tubes Base-Color Printing Machine

Low Speed Automatic Aluminum Tubes Base-Color Printing Machine

The base coating device is a hugely automated tools for printing base coating for direct tin, aluminum and other metallic tubes. The equipment has the functions of automatic feeding, computerized intubation, automatic detection and automated extubation, and the forming tube will come from the annealing oven or lacquer curing oven. The tube is routinely inserted into the conveyor chain and sent to the oven for drying right after printing. If the tubes is vacant, when the mandrel of the lacking tubes turns to the printing position, the printing ink roller can routinely give way. The over automatic control is realized by electric powered, pneumatic and mechanical joint management.

The electrical power of this products comes from a four-shade printing press. For the duration of adjustment or upkeep, the energy can be cut off by the pneumatic clutch to achieve safe adjustment and routine maintenance. At the same time, the procedure of the oven conveyor chain can be selected through the guide clutch.

The oven conveyor chain is a closed, continuous-moving conveyor device, and the tubes can be efficiently transported to the oven for drying. When the gripper is plugged and unplugged, it can end intermittently, which is recognized by a accredited intermittent system, which is one particular of the characteristics of this machine. In addition, it has a function that the printing rubber roller generate method adopts a new framework. Due to the fact this composition utilizes a bridge gear, the heart distance among the ink distribution roller and the ink roller, and the ink distribution roller and the printing rubber roller can be altered arbitrarily and with a massive selection. The meshing center length of the transmission gears amongst them can be kept at any time. Adjust, thus growing the number of moments the printing rubber roller is used, and also strengthening the printing top quality.

Principal technological parameters 

Tube’s diameter

Φ11-35 mm

Tube’s size

≤200 mm

Manufacturing performance

≤60 pcs/min

Main motor

YB2M-6(4KW,950 r/min)

Inlet pressure

≥ .4Mpa


2300*1800*1100 mm

Excess weight

4200 kg


eight pcs




two PCS

Low Speed Automatic Aluminum Tubes Base-Color Printing Machine