High Quality Roller Conveyor Chain

High Quality Roller Conveyor Chain

Large Top quality Roller CZPT Chain (All)

These are attachments which can be equipped to common roller chains. This would then make a roller chain appropriate for conveying goods. Attachments can be supplied with both 1, 2 or three holes and the attachments can be upright or correct angled or total specials to match any software.

Skilled Technologies, Large High quality, Very best Services, Minimal Value.
Tran-vehicle organization can satisfy the customersnew business develpoment and dissemination of instances
Demand from customers.
Innovative euipment,
-Wire reducing device
-CAD desinner
-Chain running in equipment
-CZPT furance
-four hundred T punch
-500 T punch
-Ultrasonic cleanout equipment
-Substantial speed punch
-Pre-stresing chain
-Car oiling line
Packaging in accordance to the customers’ demands.

Choose TAI

1. TAI with refined CNC tools, advanced engineering and excellent inspection gear make all types of chains, sprockets and other transmission equipments which can make the customers’ have faith in. The business since its institution has handed CZPT and other certifications.
2.”Higher quality, large gain, high standards” to sing a lot more integrated into the entire world. Adhering to the “great faith support to consumers” needs, from currently being in get to soon after-product sales provider, each and every little bit closely link, TAI will offer the most personal, comprehensive support.
three. “Meet the customers’ need, right up until customers’ pleasure” is our objective from start off to finish, far better innovation and far better cooperation can produce far better TAI to support the world. Permit us function with each other, to produce a far better foreseeable future with every other.

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Chain No.
Roller Diameter
Width between
inner plate
Pin Diameter
Pin Length
Plate Depth
Plate Thickness
Tensile Strength
Weight Per Meter
P d1
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/LB Kg/M
P31.75F1 31.seventy five 19.05 9.eighty 5.08 19.two 22.five eighteen. 25.5 1.60 twenty./4545 one.48
P63F10 sixty three.00 forty two.00 23.00 eleven.11 50. fifty three. 29.four forty four.four four.80 eighty./17997 eight.32
P100F59 100.00 forty.00 twenty five.00 14.5 sixty one. sixty seven.five 23. 40. 6.thirty a hundred./22496 7.98
P101.6F10 101.60 50.00 thirty.00 fourteen.27 64. sixty eight.five thirty. 50. six.forty a hundred and eighty./4 0571 11.fifty six
P152F49 152.40 sixty three.fifty 34.00 15.sixty eighty two. 38.1 65. eight.00 a hundred and sixty./35993 16.thirty
P160F2 a hundred and sixty.00 sixty.00 38.00 twenty.00 80. 36. sixty. 6.00 one hundred ninety./43181 12.fifty seven
MT18F1-S-50 fifty.00 18.00 eleven.fifty five.72 25.five 28.2 10. 17.5 2.50 18./4050 one.36
MT18F3-P-fifty fifty.00 25.00 eleven.fifty 5.seventy two 24. 26.four sixteen.five 25. two.03 18./4050 2.00
MT28F1-P-sixty three sixty three.00 thirty.00 eighteen.00 seven.00 34. 37.5 20. thirty. three.00 28./6300 three.forty
MT40F-P-50 fifty.00 31.00 fifteen.00 10.00 36. 39. 17.five 30. four.00 forty./9000 4.33
MT40F1-P-sixty three 63.00 30.00 16.00 8.fifty 37. 40. 19. thirty. 4.00 forty./9000 3.90
MT80F2-P-63 sixty three.00 thirty.00 twenty five.00 7.00 forty five.2 forty eight.7 20. thirty. 4.00 35./7875 four.58
MT40F3-P-80 eighty.00 36.00 twenty.00 eight.fifty forty two.5 forty six.five 22.5 35. four.00 forty./9000 four.eighty one
MT56F1-B-one hundred one hundred.00 15.00 24.00 ten.00 forty six. 49.5 35. fifty. 4.00 fifty six./12600 3.38
MT80F2-P-one hundred a hundred.00 50.00 28.00 fourteen.35 fifty five. 59.five 32.5 fifty one.5 5.00 120./26995 9.fifty six

High Quality Roller Conveyor Chain