European Market Agriculture Grade Humizone Hi-Pure Fulvic Acid

European Market Agriculture Grade Humizone Hi-Pure Fulvic Acid


Humizone® Fulvic Acid Powder is a plant progress regulator, and it is a variety of limited carbon chain molecule extractible from the all-natural with high loading capacity and biological exercise. Humizone® FA is brown powder with an outstanding solubility. It is soluble in h2o, fertilizers and pesticide spray solutions easily. Mostly utilized for wheat, corn, sweet potatoes, millet, rice, cotton, peanuts, rapeseed, tobacco, sericulture, fruits, vegetables and so on. 




Fulvate (dry foundation)


Fulvic Acid (dry basis)


H2o Solubility ( NY/T 1973-2571)

a hundred%






Brown Powder

Positive aspects

Promote plant expansion
Market root growth
Improves the soil structure and raises the water retention capacity
Stimulates seed germination
Boost the absorption of trace components
Increase nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots
Increase the performance of pesticides
With reduced molecular fat and higher biological exercise,increase nutrient uptake of plant
Boosts yield and enhances the high quality of vegetation

Application Directions


Use Scope

Dosage Rate

Whole Sum for every Expanding Season


.75-1.five kg/ha and include to foliar fertilizers or to pesticides.



.three-.5kg/1000L fertilizer solution


* This advice might be different according to the soil characteristics and local situations

About Us

Located in March 2004, SINOTECH (ZheJiang ) Growth CO., LTD. is a Leonardite resource natural fertilizer maker in China. With own Leonardite Mine, we can supply higher quality and competitive price natural fertilizer products. Using advantage echnology and gear, we investigation and generate world-wide content items as properly as decrease the production value. We shall keep our step to building outstanding items all the time.

Package & Supply


Q: How to personalize packaging?
A: We can design packing for you or use your packing sample, but owing to the necessity of bare minimum buy for printed packaging, the least purchase for products is larger than that for common packaging. When the order amount is modest, we recommend the answer of utilizing white packing with a CZPT sticker.

Q: How to utilize for totally free samples?
A: Make sure you contact our on the web consumer support or deliver a sample inquiry. We supply you with a modest sum of cost-free samples (significantly less than 500 g), but you require to shell out logistics fees and DGM certification charges. When the number of samples exceeds 1 kg, you also want to shell out the sample charge.

Q: What is OMRI?
A: The Organic Supplies Evaluation Institute (OMRI) is an global nonprofit firm that determines which enter merchandise are permitted for use in organic and natural creation and processing. OMRI Listed® merchandise are authorized for use in certified natural and organic operations below the USDA National Natural Program.






European Market Agriculture Grade Humizone Hi-Pure Fulvic Acid