Escalator Part Rubber Handrail

Escalator Part Rubber Handrail

Escalator Component Rubber Handrail
            We can offer all sorts of handrails for escalator and automobile-walk for well-known brand: OTIS, SCHINDLE, THYSSEKRUP, FUJ, MITUBISH

Handrail color: CZPT black color
Optional colour: Blue,pink,inexperienced,gray,light-weight brown
Cascade amount: a few
Width of stair: 600/800/1000mm
Content: rubber
Slope angle:  30°/35°

1.VVVF push

2.Secure basic safety program

three.Excellent running efficiency

4.Innovative management system(German engineering)

five.Relaxed and efficient

six.Decrease noise and strength-preserving

Safety Functions

1.Deficiency of section, mistake section protection:
If deficiency of phase (relocating-wander) will or eror period has been checked out, the escalator automatically cease the procedure.
2.Motor more than-Ioad defense:
When the present exceeds fifteen% of the present score, the escalator will automatically slop the procedure.
three.CZPTal appliance loop defense:
It gives the automated circuit disconnecting gadget to defend the circuit and mains elements of the escalator (transferring-wander).
four.Handrail inlet safety:
When some overseas substance has been clipped in the handrail inlet. the  escalator (relocating-walk) will instantly slop the operation.
5.Comb plate security unit:
When some overseas material has been clipped in or in between the combs.the escalator (shifting-stroll) will automatically cease the procedure.
6.Stage sagging protection system:
When there is abnormal stage bending, the escalator (moving-wander) will quit the procedure prior to the stage coming into into the comb plate
seven.Damaged drive-chain security gadget:
When the travel-chain has been more than-stretched or it is damaged, the escalator (shifting-walk) will instantly end the operation
eight.Broken action chain security:
When the step (plate) chain has been in excess of-stretched or it is damaged, the escalator (transferring wander) will routinely slop the procedure.
9.More than-velocity security:
When  there  is above-speed to the escalator (transferring  walk),it will instantly end the operation.
ten.Course reversal protection:
When it will come the unintended reve  rsal of the route of vacation, the escalator (shifting wander) will automatically end the procedure.
eleven.Protection line:
The yellow artificial resin safety line is positioned in the entrance situation and two sides of the escalator tread so that the passengers will not tread in-between the edge of the adjacent action and the team lengthened skirt panel.  The safety line on equally sides of the phase is greater than the tread area.   (The  moving-walk  offers the  selective  yellow spray-palmed security line.)
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Escalator Part Rubber Handrail