Automatic Revolving Sectional Garage Doors Remote Control Door Spring

Automatic Revolving Sectional Garage Doors Remote Control Door Spring

Merchandise Description

CZPT Effectively Enterprise Limited specializes in Automated CZPTs & Home windows. Relying on our superb company functionality and R&D, we have liked a globally regarded status in efficiently offering high quality goods at aggressive charges and specialist complex services to a extensive rage of clientele CZPT. We specialize in particular products, doorways and home windows, door relevant equipment, and sorts of door openers. We are often completely ready to offer the professinal support for you. 

Garage door hinges

Garage CZPT Hinge, for Non-finger safety panel:

1. Item.No for hinges:, MAS0001.2, MAS0001.3, MAS0001.four, MAS0001.5, MAS0002

two. Content: Zinc plating & regular galvanized steel 

3. Steel thickness: one.eight mm, two. mm 

four. Completed surface for 40mm thick panel with non-finger protection 

5. For eleven mm, 4” stem rollers only  

6. Sort: garage doorway hinge.


Garage CZPT Hinge for finger defense

one. Item No. for hinges: MAS5711, MAS0501, MAS0601,MAS0801, MAS1001, MAS0501DB, MAS1101,MAS 0571 , MAS5712, MAS5712.B, MAS0502, MAS0602, MAS0802, MAS1002, MAS1102, MAS0302

two. Content: Typical galvanized metal

three. Metal thickness: 2.0mm 

four. Concluded surface for panel thickness forty mm with finger protection 

5. For 11mm stem roller only.

Leading and base roller brackets

Prime roller bracket
1. Top bracket product: MAS0003, MAS0803, MAS0703, MAS0603 
2. Thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm 
3. Material: metal/galvanized steel 
4. Use for standard one keep track of hardware 
5. For 11 mm stem rollers only.

Base roller  bracket
1. Top bracket model: MAS0003, MAS0803, MAS0703, MAS0603 
two. Thickness: one.5mm, two.0mm 
three. Material: metal/galvanized steel 
4. Use for normal one keep track of hardware 
five. For 11 mm stem rollers only.

CZPT brackets

Central bearing bracket
one. Model:MAS5715, MAS005, MAS0605 
two. Length: 65mm, 84mm 
3. Thickness: 2.0mm / two.5mm / three.0mm 
4.Content: metal/Zinc plating
5. The bearing bracket is provide with a one” bearing set up. 

Facet bearing bracket 
one. Model: MAS0606
2. Length: 60mm / 84mm 
3. Substance: Zinc Plating
4. Thickness: two.5mm 
five. Both  remaining and proper are CZPT.

CZPT anti-crack
1. Model: MAS0505, MAS0305
2. Equipped with 1” bearing 
3. For 2”5/8, 3”3/4, 1”3/4, 2” torsion spring
4. Material: Metal/Zinc plating.

Garage door rollers

Nylon roller
1. Model: MAS0007, MAS0707, MAS0807, MAS0907
2. Stem: 4”/7 ball, 7”/11 ball, 4”/ Precision 6200ZZ, 7”/ Precision 6200ZZ, 11 ball
3.Diameter: 2”, for 2” observe only.

Metal roller
one. Model: MAS0507, MAS0607, MAS0608
2. Stem: 4”/ 10 ball, 7”/ 10 ball, 7”/ ten ball.
three. Diameter: 2”, 3”, for 2”, 3”track.

Cable drums

Normal lifting cable drums for torsion spring technique
one. Model: MAS0013.NL8, MAS0013.NL12, MAS0013.NL12B, MAS0013.NL10, MAS0013.NL18, MAS0013.NL18B, MAS0013.NL32, MAS0013.NL32B
2. Max lifting height: 8′, 10′, 12′ 18′, 32′ 
3. Max cable diameter: one/8”, three/16”, five/32”, 1/4”.

Vertical lifting cable drums for torsion spring technique
1. Model: MAS571.VL11, MAS571.VL11B, MAS571.VL18, MAS571.VL28B
two. Max lifting height: 11”, 18”, 28”
three. Max cable diameter: 3/16”, 1/4”.

Substantial lifting cable drums for torsion spring system
one. Design: MAS571.VL11, MAS571.VL11B, MAS571.VL18, MAS571.VL28B
2. Max lifting peak: 54” vertical+120”/180”, 120” vertical+144”, 164” vertical+229”
three. Max cable diameter: 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”.

Torsion spring fittings

Garage doorway seals

Garage door screws

Other folks
vertical keep track of, horizontal track, motor guidebook, cable, cable sleeve, exterior enhance bar,flag bracket, angle iron, jamb bracket, chain hoist, manage, receiver, pin code lock, picture beam, wall switch and and many others.

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Automatic Revolving Sectional Garage Doors Remote Control Door Spring